Bio Johan Jansen

Johan Jansen (JJ) is a well-known Dutch master of the pedalsteelguitar. He has played and recorded with almost every Dutch artist for many years. JJ has been on the road for quite some time with his countryband “Cash on Delivery”, who launched Ilse DeLange to a big and worldwide audience. Johan has also toured and/or recorded with acts like Heather Myles, Derek Trucks, Sonny Landreth, Buddy Cage, South Mountain, Steve Piticco, Bruce Bouton, Ray Campi, Eddy Bond, Norrin Rad, Lucille Starr, Dale Watson, Dan Tyack, Bob Hoffnar and for his solo album Paul Franklin jr.In the year 2000 JJ teamed up with the “Secret Combination”, a studio-based Dutch all-star band, in which he proved to be much more than just a “countrybased steelplayer” on their recordings. During their sessions JJ launched the idea to producers Wilmer Wolf and Case to make a unique steel-album.During 2001 JJ recorded 14 new songs in the Starsound Studios that were entirely different from the steelguitarformat that has ever been used. For the love of a good song, JJ and his producers made a crossover with a broad variety of musical styles, thus extending the range of styles the steelguitar can handle. From ‘Steellounge to Motown’, more than 30 musicians contributed to this rich instrumental project.

Among these befriended musicians are famous steelguitarplayers like: Paul Franklin (Dire Straits, Sting, Linda Ronstadt & many more); Dan Tyack (New Riders of the Purple Sage, Asleep At The Wheel, Sacred Steels); René van Barneveld (“Très Manos” Urban Dance Squad, the Secret Combination); and all other members of this last band.

“Head back in the clouds” is published by Starsound Publishing, The Netherlands.

In 2004 The album “Country Lovesongs” was released.

10 years later, Johan recorded the album “Here Goes Nothing”

These days Johan is doing masterclasses all over Europe.


The Secret Combination
PO Box 90311
1006 BA Amsterdam

People JJ has played and/or recorded with:

  • A: Armand, Dick van Altena, Alabama Rain, Koos Alberts, Amazing Stroopwafels, Any Vegetable
  • B: BZN, Eddy Bond, Byron Berline, Jony de Boer, George Baker, Bellhops, Bruce Bouton, Mark van de Berg, Billy Dean
  • C: Cash On Delivery, Canyon Drive Band, Ray Campi, Crocats, Buddy Cage, Rene Creemers
  • D: De Drie Tieten, Doreen, Desperado, Jeff Diederen, Pieter Douma
  • E: Hank Edwards, Ton Engels, Entree
  • F: Marcel Fischer, Rosie Flores, Paul Franklin
  • G: Captain Gumbo
  • H: Ruud Hermans, Bob Hoffnar, Helt Oncale, Doreen Hofman
  • I:
  • J: Frank Jansen, Jos Jaspers (Turbo), JJ Johnns
  • K: Joan Kennedy, ‘t Kaf, Peter Koelewijn, Pim Koopman, Joke de Kruyff, Kadanz, Beppie Kraft, Alexander Klerx, Aggie de Kruiff
  • L: Ilse De Lange, Mark Lavender, Sunny Landreth, Scooter Lee
  • M: Moonlight Riders, Heather Myles, Eddy Mersey, Bruno Maicherek, Jos Meessen, Jody Lynn Mitchell, Miss Beahavin’, Sandra Mooij
  • N: Michel Nita, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Ed Nieman
  • O: Joanne O’Connor
  • P: Wout Pennings, Sjra Puts, Wim Pols
  • Q:
  • R: Norin Radd, J.W. Roy, Tamra Rosanez, Rivers & Mc Coy, Runaway Joe’s, Richard Schneider, Annet Roons, Rustic Union, Ranch House Favorites, Roxy
  • S: The Secret Combination, South Mountain, Silverstone, Jany Szabo, Skik, Audrey Smits, Ben & Carmen Steneker, David Sherrif, John Schets, Marcel Smulders, Mike Shannon, Sub
  • T: To hip for the room, Tuxedo Buck, Tres Manos, Tulsa, Triangle, Derek Trucks, Theater van het Oosten, Dan Tyack
  • U:
  • V: Bert Vreuls, Cor Verhaagh, Sandra VanReijs, Angela Visser, Hans Venneman
  • W: Dale Watson, Freddy Weller, The Woodys, Tony Willé, Henk Wijngaard, Wooden Chain, Terry White, W. Ox, Riem de Wolff, Watchman
  • X:
  • Y: Waylon Young
  • Z: Marcel Zimmer