2002 – Head Back In The Clouds




In 2002 Johan released his first album, the ambitious “Head Back In The Clouds”. This album features 14 original, non-country songs, especially written for this project. The album features steelguitar duets with Paul Franklin, Dan Tyack and Bob Hoffnar. It also features some very well respected Dutch musicians like René van Barneveld (Très Manos), Robin van Vliet, Toni Peroni, Stephan Wienjes, Sander van Herk & Wilmer Wolff. This last one also produced this album.Songs featured on this album are:

  1. Don’t Blame It On Love
  2. Conceiving
  3. Crazy From The Heart
  4. Everything
  5. Running Out Of You
  6. Stand Tall
  7. Love O.D.
  8. Live Of Love
  9. Head Back In The Clouds
  10. You-Me
  11. J.J.Jam
  12. Changes
  13. Change of Heart
  14. Running Dub (End Titles)

People in North-America can order the CD from the Steel Guitar Forum Store.


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